Authorities have stated that a woman who was skydiving over Oceanside Saturday afternoon was injured in a fall.

The woman was a customer at the relatively new company Tsunami Skydivers, based out of the Oceanside Municipal Airport. It appears that her main parachute did not deploy, although the customary secondary chute reacted and opened without issue, Police Lieutenant Ron Hardy stated.

The unidentified woman went off course and fell onto a metal fence on Roberta Lane with such force that a metal cross bar was bent all the way to the ground. At approximately 2:15 pm, a witness reported watching someone fall from the sky, Hardy stated.

No word on her condition has surfaced, though it is known she was airlifted to La Jolla’s Scripps Memorial Hospital.

Hardy said that she is believed to be an experienced skydiver and was reportedly using her own parachuting gear. There appears to be some indication that bumping into another skydiver in the air caused her chute to fail to open.

This is the first skydiving accident that involved Tsunami Skydivers, a company that opened in Oceanside in July, according to their Facebook page.

Every parachute is packed with two canopies, with one being programmed to open immediately upon the event that a skydiver reaches an unsafe altitude at an unsafe speed, according to the website.